Book The Joy of Dahlias - English

With our colorful photos and the expressive texts of Katja Staring we managed to create a fun dahlia book. We met Katja on our dahlia fields and she is an experienced outdoor journalist and founder of Daily Greenspiration. Together we like to spread the love for flowers and nature!

THE DAHLIA - She has something special. She is an eccentric diva, but also a mathematical miracle. The dahlia is a flower that catches the eye. And she gives everything she's got for months! 

This book highlights all facets - from history to sustainable breeding, from breeding to passion, illustrated with colorful, loving and sensational pictures!

In short, a dahlia book of 224 pages:
- full of inspiration, interviews, diy's and practical tips
- about picking gardens, bees and butterflies
- colourful, gardening and enjoyment
- with love from our dahlia farm 

We will ship the dahlia book within several days.

Please note: if you order the book together with our flower bulbs, we will ship your total order in October. If you would like to receive the book earlier, please place a separate order.

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